Bitcoin is mathematics

Bitcoin is mathematics, mathematical purity, new claims by Steve Wozniak

Bitcoin is mathematics, a mathematical purity that can’t be copied like dollar, new claims by Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak in an interview with Yahoo Finance. He further drew a parallel line between the BTC and Conventional system explaining how he loves computer programming, logic, math, and science embedded in BTC.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love BTC? If someone is here then we don’t have to worry about these haters because Bitcoin has the ability to convince people in its favour. Bitcoin has gone through a lot since its first appearance in this world. Apple’s co-founder and Unicon Hunters Circle of Money Investor, Steve Wozniak, has revealed his love and support for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is pure mathematics, he said in an interview with Yahoo Finance on October 29, 2021.

Bitcoin is mathematics. how?

In an interview with Julie Hyman and Brian Sozzi of Yahoo Finance, Steve Wozniak explained how the US dollar can be created by the government and it’s like you never have it fixed, like BTC. He explained how Bitcoin is mathematics and he enjoys the science, math, computer programming, and logic embedded in Bitcoin. He explained further that Bitcoin is mathematics because it isn’t run by some company and he believes in nature over humans always.

Bitcoin is mathematics

Bitcoin is mathematics but he doesn’t like anonymity in the BTC and overall in whole digital assets. In my opinion, these claims of anonymity by Apple’s co-founder are a little short-sighted because he hasn’t counted in that he is a privileged white man in the US. The people in the other countries are under a lot of pressure from the regimes who control the whole conventional financial system through banks.

Rather than this one comment about the anonymity of BTC, he loved how Bitcoin is mathematics and he enjoys investing in it. For more interesting content please click here.

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