The Dutch ‘Bitcoin family’ moved to the crypto tax heaven Portugal to avoid tax

The so-called “Bitcoin family” has moved to Portugal to enjoy a 0% tax on cryptocurrencies. They have traveled to about 40 different countries in the world in the last five years and finally have settled in Portugal to remain tax-free on Bitcoin.

In 2017 Didi Taihuttu, the patriarch of the family, his wife, and three children sold everything they had, their house, bike, and even their shoes and invested in Bitcoin and this happened when Bitcoin price was $900.

Bitcoin family
Bitcoin Family in Portugal Image: Bitcoinfamily

Bitcoin Family in Portugal: 

Didi Taihuttu, a husband and father of three children is 40 years old and traveled to 40 countries across the world.  Recently they have settled in Portugal due to its crypto tax-free policy. Portugal provides golden visas to all those who invest in property or invest large capital there.

The Netherland based family isn’t alone in making the decision of immigration. In the last decade, the number of immigrants in Portugal has increased by 40%, according to the population census 2021.

According to Taihuttu, settling in Portugal was relatively easy as there are no minimum days stay requirements.

“You don’t have to pay any tax on Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. This makes Portugal a very good place and a tax heaven for all crypto users,” said Taihuttu.

While Taihuttu didn’t disclose the exact number of his crypto assets, it is probably enough to travel all across the globe to use their decentralized currency.

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