Bitcoin expert projects that Bank of England will scramble to buy BTC before it hits $1 million

Bitcoin expert, Max Keiser, projects that the Bank of England (BoE) will be scrambling to buy BTC before asset trades at $1 million. He further added that BoE potential adoption of BTC is the part of the broader notion that digital asset has killed central banks.

Bitcoin expert projections:

Have you ever thought that Bitcoin will trade at 1 million? If no then you will be surprised to know that Bitcoin expert, Max Keiser, has predicted that BoE will be scrambling to acquire BTC when digital asset hits one million dollars. He revealed these surprising and shocking predictions to  Bitcoin expert clarified that BoE is in the process of BTC adoption in various steps, which he linked to five stages of grief.

Bitcoin expert

He clarified that BoE is at the anger stage and will move further very slowly. These mind babbling predictions came after the BoE deputy governor has called for Bitcoin regulation. Bitcoin expert, Max Keiser, said:

“The bargaining phase will be their central bank digital currency stage, and when that fails comes depression as the price tops £363,000 ($500,000) and then acceptance with the Bank of England scrambling to buy Bitcoin before it tops £727,000 ($1million) per coin.”

Bitcoin has been receiving these kinds of threats since its creation in 2009. IMF and BoE have clarified that BTC poses financial stability risks. Cunliffe acknowledged that governments must be careful not to overreact or classify new approaches as “dangerous” because they are different. However, he stated that cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them offer a radical improvement in financial services.

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