Bitcoin And Real Estate Still In Danger , Says Robert Kiyosaki

With investors hoping for a rally in both the equities and cryptocurrency market, the author of the personal finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki believes there is room for a further market correction. 

According to a tweet by Kiyosaki, the asset market, especially for Bitcoin and real estate, is about to burst, and prices will crash further. Kiyosaki noted that he is getting ready to make profits with the projected bubble while calling on investors to prepare for what he termed “the greatest sale on Earth.”

FAVORITE 4 LETTER WORD is not F word or S word. Favorite 4-letter word is SALE. Asset Bubble found a Pin. Asset prices crashing. In cash position waiting to pick up bargains especially in real estate and Bitcoin. Fed is “F”ed. Do not miss the GREATEST SALE on EARTH. Take care,

What would kiyosaki do in a bear market

He said he expects the bubble to burst for Bitcoin, which has been on the rise for a long time . He has previously urged investors to prepare for the biggest crash in the world while promoting the accumulation of specific assets, including Bitcoin, real estate, silver and gold, at bargain prices.

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As reported by Finbold in May, Kiyosaki warned of a potential World War while advising investors to save gold, silver, Bitcoin, food, guns, and bullets.


May 23, 2022: DAVOS, Switzerland IMF warns world faces greatest financial challenges since WWII. Global disaster has been coming for years. Desperate leaders will do desperate things. World War coming? God have mercy on us. Save gold, silver, Bitcoin, food, guns, and bullets

According to him, stocks and investment instruments are in danger in a high inflation environment.

Market records slight gains

After his prediction, bitcoin continues to gain above $ 20 thousand, and according to some, the decline in the crypto market is over and the big rally is on the way.

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