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Bitcoin Adoption: Paraguay will be 2nd country to legalize bitcoin?

Paraguayan Politician, Carlitos Rejala, has prepared a bill regardin bitcoin adaption. “Bitcoin is future” was the slogan of Paraguay’s national deputy.

Bitcoin adoption is growing and more countries are preparing to legalize it. Bitcoin is inspiring nations, attracting them to adopt and legalize it. Bitcoin has passed stages like denial and anger, finally, the time has come where its worth is being recognized and appreciated. El Salvador has reached the milestone of legalizing bitcoin. Inspired by El Salvador bitcoin adoption Paraguay is preparing to legalize bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency.

The sentiments of legalizing cryptocurrency have been among Paraguayan politicians since 2019. Most probably they were waiting for someone to take the first step and El Salvador has taken that step.

bitcoin adoption
Paraguay Bitcoin Adoption Bill’s draft Source:

Carlitos Rejala sees bitcoin as an innovation and wants it to legalize in the country. A draft of the bill regarding the legalization of bitcoin was leaked. Carlitos Rejala tweeted on July 14, 2021, and called it a big day for bitcoin.

The Crypto community welcomed the announcement and heated discussions among politicians started that how it can impact the country. Bitcoin adoption’s impact on the country’s economy and how the international community will react to this were the main topic of discussion. One politician called it a historic day for bitcoin.

One of the bitcoin supporters said it was the worst document he has seen in history, but the bill’s goal is worthy. He added that crypto firms can run into a serious problem with banks, but it can be avoided with clear regulations. This politician is Juan Benitez and said that Carlitos Rejala has already asked him to analyze the legal text of the document.

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