Binance Takes Legal Action Against Scams in Turkey

Some scammers in Turkey have rented multiple billboards for fake Binance ads.

Binance TR warns of fake advertising and scams.

Turkey is home to a large number of crypto investors. Therefore, scammers trap investors with fake advertisements.

Ads show the “Binance Tourist exchange” ad, which has no affiliation with Binance, founded by Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. The ad also includes phone numbers that, when dialed, can link potential victims to scammers.

Binance Turkey in its latest warning: “Billboards similar to the image below have been attracting attention in different parts of Turkey for a while […and] they have nothing to do with #Binance!”

Binance, to scammers will take legal action against it.

Scammers are tricking careless investors with fake contact numbers and seizing crypto assets.

Binance handles fraud cases to reduce Launched the first 24/7 customer service center in Turkey.

Investors will be able to contact customer service for people considered to be scammers.

Coinbase, due to the intense interest of Turkish investors in crypto, wants to increase its power in the region by purchasing BtcTurk for $ 3.2 billion. There is such an agreement, but there is no official result yet.

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