Bill Miller

Billionaire Bill Miller Still Trusts Bitcoin

Despite having sold some BTC holdings, Miller still has a lot of confidence in BTC.

Bill Miller firmly defends BTC. He sees BTC as “insurance against financial disaster.”

Not Changing his Stance

Bill Miller is one of the most popular Bitcoin supporters. He defended BTC more after COVID-19 and controversial banking financial policies. He said that BTC is very valuable and “cannot be touched by the government”.

Miller admitted that he invested 50% of his portfolio in BTC. He made his first purchase when BTC was at $200.

Miller stated that investors should diversify their portfolios with different cryptocurrencies.

I’ve had at least three drops above 80%. I have this as an insurance policy against financial disaster… I have yet to hear a good discussion of why anyone should put at least 1% of their net worth in bitcoin.”

Miller said he did not sell his BTC stock. It traded some of its “liquids” to meet margin calls.

A margin call occurs when the value of securities in a brokerage account falls below a certain level. At this point, the account holder must either deposit additional funds or sell some of the assets to meet the requirements.

BTC is a Safe Bet Especially at Lower Prices

Miller pointed out to traders that they should see digital assets as an attractive investment option.

If I like something at higher prices, it’s a safe bet, I’ll like it more at lower prices.

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