Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Does Not Own Crypto

Bill Gates invests in companies, not digital currencies.

Bill Gates announced that he did not distribute some of his wealth to cryptocurrencies. He also said that he likes to invest in things that have “valuable output.”

Crypto Is Not Bill Gates’ Cup of Tea

Bill Gates was asked if he is interested in the cryptocurrency market. Gates said he does not own such assets.

He stated that crypto, unlike other investments, does not contribute to society.

Bill Gates stated that at the beginning of 2021, digital currencies will emerge as the main payment method. He also stated that he is not an HODLer and is neutral about Bitcoin.

He stated that it is necessary to be very careful when investing in BTC. Otherwise, it may cause very serious investment losses. Gates gave advice to be very careful about digital currencies if you are not rich from Elon Musk. In short, this phrase actually covers everyone.

Wealthy People Who Think Highly of Bitcoin

Unlike Gates, there are many prominent investors and entrepreneurs who are keen on BTC and often praise it as a great investment vehicle.

The best example of this is Steve Wozniak, one of the inventors of Apple. Steve stated that digital assets are better than gold.

Orlando Bravo, known as the Puerto Rican billionaire, is very warm to BTC.

According to him, young people will be able to build a financial network based on it in the future.

Barry Sternlicht, Co-Founder of the Starwood Capital Group mutual fund, claimed that Bitcoin’s predetermined maximum supply of 21 million provides him with a suitable hedge against inflation and therefore makes him invest in Bitcoin.

Bill Miller, who continued to rise in BTC despite the recent market crash, said that the asset is “insurance against financial disaster” and that its value is “untouchable by the government”.


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