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Best Practices To avoid Phishing Attacks

Practices to avoid phishing attacks have become more important as more bad actors turn to scams to steal your personal information to run off with your valuable assets. Phishing attacks use different tactics to make you click on links, downloading applications, or just lead you to a page where you shouldn’t be.

Many crypto users usually fall prey to these online scams and end up being deprived of their valuable possessions. But how these phishsing attacks can be avoided? Here we will discuss different methods to identify digital scams and avoid the potential loss of funds.

How to avoid phishing attacks:

Use Multi-factor Authentication:

In multi-factor authentication, users are required to provide two or more authentication methods to access their accounts. For example, to unlock your phone, you have to enter your password or code and scan your fingerprint as well. Multi-factor authentication keeps your assets safe from scammers.

Use secure internet connection:

Use a secure and authenticated internet connection while making trades and avoid connecting with public internet connections. These non-secured internet connections often put malware into your device making it defenseless to scams.

Use Cold Wallets:

A cold wallet is more secure, usually not connected to the internet, and is not very much convenient as compared to a hot wallet. A hot wallet is connected to the internet which makes it more vulnerable to online scams resulting in loss of funds. So users should use hot wallets for small trading funds while keeping the remaining funds safe in a cold wallet.

Don’t click random links:

Stop clicking unknown links and attachments. Phishing attacks often persuade you into opening unknown links, emails containing attachments that could compromise your online security as well as allow these criminals to retrieve your passwords and login credentials.

While avoiding phishing attacks might be difficult sometimes, following these simple practices make your assets secure and greatly minimize the risk of being scammed by these online scammers.

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