Battle Arena and OneRare Strategic Partnership

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OneRare recently announced a strategic partnership with Battle Arena Games Guild, and the collaboration will see OneRare users experience a larger player base.

At the same time, Battle Arena users will experience innovative and advanced gameplay. As SEA’s biggest eSports ecosystem, Battle Arena Gaming Guild holds immense prominence, and it even offers a DAO GameFi Aggregator Guild called BAGG, supporting the offline and online eSports ecosystem. Will enable them to reach more people with online and offline support.

The platform will enable eSports, crypto gamers to play NFT powered games in the web3 era. The web3 that surrounds our lives more and more day by day, maybe it can enter our lives fully in the future.


Currently, GameFi systems require players to create blockchain wallets to buy and trade NFTs across multiple chains. The process can be extremely challenging for users with no prior experience, which is why OneRare offers detailed walkthrough sessions for players entering the Battle Arena ecosystem.The collaboration creates an opportunity for OneRare to explore new prospects while catering to a new set of audiences. The venture can also access new Food NFTs to expand its reach in the market.

Known as the world’s first FoodVerse, OneRare is ready to take the food industry further with its partnerships and new gaming experiences.

Battle Arena

On the other hand, Battle Arena stands as the leading gaming venture in the Southeast Asian region. Since its introduction in 2018, Battle Arena has been developing the offline and online eSports framework to address the growing gaming community in Asia.

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On the other hand, battle arena continues to be recognized as the leading gaming venture in the southeast asia region. Since its launch in 2018, battle arena has been driving the future of online and offline eSports with its amassed followers.

At the same time, it is elevating the entire gaming domain in the region. Similar to popular games like Valorant and PUBG, BAGG also has a league that nurtures over 150 professional teams, and the league is already ranked number six globally.  This helps BAGG integrate advanced GameFi projects with traditional gamer worldwide.

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