BasketballDAO is providing an opportunity to govern your favorite team through DAO Model

BasketballDAO is going to change the conventional rules of team ownership in basketball. Using the DAO model fans can collectively own a team.

Why Fans are left out?

Fans play a critical role in the growth of any game but owners, media, and players benefit the most from this. Fans have no ownership rights in the conventional sport system. With innovative technology like Web3, these conventional rules going to be changed. Now with the help of Web 3, Fans of basketball can have the capability to collectively own and coordinate at scale.

The Craze of basketball is all over the world and as a fan, I know how fast your heart beats when your favorite team scores a goal or misses one. But if you look at the financial perspective of the game, global sports market value reached $388.3 billion. These numbers were even bigger but declined due to the COVID-19. This market is expected to reach $600 billion by 2025.

BasketballDAO offering a solution:

BaskeballDAO is using blockchain and web3 technology to adopt the approach to DAO ownership, governance, finance, and consensus-building. A global team of advocates and enthusiasts will decide which team to acquire. After this, a partnership will be built with the existing fan club of basketball which will make future decisions.

Management Structure:

BasketballDAO will distribute the mainDAO of this project into six groups which are given as:

  • Basketball Team Ownership – Acquisition Team – Players Team – Experts Team
  • Marketing and Media – Community Awareness – Shilling and Ads – NFTs
  • Investments – Tokenized Communities – Gaming and Bets – Community Projects
  • Social Good – Social Responsibility – Sustainability – Environmentally Friendly
  • Innovation and Future Development – Developers and Smart Contracts – Sports Defi products – Creative Hub
  • Community Management and Town Hall – Events – Networking – Elections

Weekly town hall meetings: Weekly town hall meeting will be set at 1 pm UTC every Wednesday. Members can ask anything about the current progress of BasketballDAO, and the elected key opinion leaders will need to answer all those questions.

Entertainment: BasketballDAO has many plans for the entertainment of its community.

  1. Basketball-related games will be launched and members will have the opportunity to earn $BBDAO.
  2. Gambling can be placed the same as NBABET, and the gambling method will be polled in our community. Users will have at their disposal a panel where they can watch upcoming matches and choose where to bet.

Team Revenue Potential:

  1. Basketball NFTs and related products will be released to generate revenue.
  2. Revenue will be generated from Transactions fees
  3. After acquiring the basketball team, the basketball team will make money from a combination of ticket sales, suite sales, naming rights, and local TV and radio deals.
  4. Partnership with other communities and advertising. We will vote to decide which partnership or business cooperation will be made for the sustainability of the BasketballDAO community.

Growth Model:

  1. Community is the core of a DAO-based project. As a DAO ownership basketball team community, our members will take the responsibility to build our community and referral our community to more people.
  2. We will partner with Twiter, YouTube, and Tiktok influencers with massive follow and high profiles considered to be key opinion leaders in the crypto and sports field. We will negotiate with plenty of NBA famous players and airdrop $BBDAO tokens to those basketball players to involve as many as basketball lovers in our big community.
  3. Writers and reporters in our community will be encouraged to generate articles and mentions in crypto and sports traditional and digital media.


The traditional structure of sports needs a change and Web3 is offering a solution. There is a need to engage the fans in a new way and basketballDAO is fully aware of it. The financial improvements are promising and a basketball team will reap the benefits by allowing more fans to take part in key decisions.

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