Balenciaga Accepts Payments in BTC and ETH

Balenciaga began accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

French fashion brand Balenciaga is adding cryptocurrencies to its payment methods. It will initially be available at the firm’s US stores on Madison Avenue in New York and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Balenciaga Catching the Crypto Wave

Balenciaga will allow its American customers to buy clothes, shoes, bags and other products using bitcoin and ether.

They will also be able to pay in crypto from the brand’s official website. It is said that the French company will expand this project in the future. It will also add more cryptocurrencies.

Crypto’s recent decline is no problem for the company. The company said it needed to “think long-term” and that temporary fluctuations were “nothing new”.

Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer has added 12 digital assets and 5 stablecoins as means of payment on its US website.

Frédéric Arnault, CEO of Tag Heuer, said he is positive towards Bitcoin. He also stated that market fluctuations are not alarming.

Philipp Plein Allows Payments in Digital Assets

Last year, German fashion company Philipp Plein International AG accepted 15 different digital assets for payments. Among them were BTC and Ether.

Its CEO, Philipp Patrick Plein, is a strong advocate for crypto. He’s also a HOD.

The CEO also:

I am a crypto investor and I believe in the future of crypto so I decided to offer this payment method in my stores… together we are making HISTORY


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