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Approximately  20 Bitcoin ATMs Were added worldwide on March 22

Due to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency, investors in the crypto industry are positioning infrastructure to help facilitate the passage of Bitcoin ATMs.

Data acquired by FINBOLD stated that a total number of Bitcoin ATMs were positioned around the world in March 2022 as the total number rose from 36,023 on March 1 to 36,709 by the 1st of April.

This shows that a total number of 22 ATMs were added on a daily basis in only March, the number of Bitcoin machines installed keeps on growing as time goes by. According to statistics provided by Coin Atm Radar, the total number of crypto ATMs in the world is approximated at 36,733 as of April 11.

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The increasing amount of Bitcoin ATMs operating shows how important the machines are becoming as the popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies keep increasing. The United States is the country that has the highest bitcoin ATM installation.

According to Finbold, almost 20,000 new Bitcoin ATMs were installed in 2021, with more than 50 a day. As a result of this, investors, as well as suppliers, are feeling optimistic about the lasting prospects of the space despite the flagship digital asset being at a fairly good amount from its all-time high.

These ATMs attract cryptocurrency investors who look for profit from the asset as well as avoid the onerous Know Your Customer (KYC) on crypto trading platforms.

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