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Voting will decide whether to add Bitcoin in Federal Constitution of Switzerland, 2B4CH initiates a new project

Think tank started new voting which will decide either to add Bitcoin in Federal Constitution of Switzerland or not. They intend to add Bitcoin as one of the country’s reserve assets. A non-profit think tank of Switzerland, 2B4CH, helping the government in tackling crypto.

Bitcoin has crossed the $55k resistance and now is heading towards for much bigger goal which could be the predicted price of $100k. No one knows what’s next in the market but another country is going to adopt the crypto in a different style. Switzerland, a heaven on earth, has a non-profit think tank that is helping the country with Bitcoin. They are going to initiate voting to check Whether to add Bitcoin to Federal Constitution.

Add  Bitcoin in country’s reserves, think tank suggests:

The committee has announced to start a federal initiative with the goal of collecting 100k signatures. These signatures will be very handy for the introduction of Bitcoin to article 99 clause 3 of the Swiss federal constitution. Another goal of this initiative is to educate people through the debates and conversations after the successful collection of the votes. The initiative says clearly to add Bitcoin to the list of assets held by the Swiss central bank.

Yves Bennaim, the founder and chairperson of 2B4CH, has expressed his thoughts on the initiative by saying they want to add Bitcoin to Federal Constitution. He further said that” we hope the voting will be successful, but even if it isn’t, it will already be a success if the topic is brought to the public debate.” If the vote is successful then the Swiss national bank will add bitcoin to its national reserve.

The CEO of the 2B4CH has said:

Such an addition to the constitution would affect people in Switzerland in a similar way the Silicon Valley and the London Stock Exchange have benefited the people of their respective countries.

add Bitcoin
List of countries with crypto-friendly policies

Switzerland has emerged as one of the most crypto-friendly countries around the globe. Last month, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority approved the country’s first crypto fund after authorizing the SIX Swiss Exchange to launch a digital asset marketplace. This project will add Bitcoin to Federal Constitution, which will be a huge success for the crypto world.

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