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Above Phone: New Device is “DeGoogled” and Keeps Your Crypto Safe

Above Phone: A new phone is marketed as “de-Googled” and comes with a decentralized search engine powered by blockchain technology. Above Phone is sold with a web browser and search engine that is extremely private and helps users completely get rid of huge tech pursuits. Michael Saylor definitely needs this to avoid paying his taxes. “Are you on Degoogle?” It’s a current trend where consumers are getting their data back from big tech giants.

Above Phone

Above Phone and Surveillance

On top of the phone, she says they’ve helped her clients get through this. They provide users with a private, secure phone using open-source, privacy-focused software.

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On top of Phone’s collaboration with Presearch means that the phone can be run out of the box, run and will have a decentralized search engine ready to use. Above the phone “The phone is not just an alternative to big tech phones, it is a platform with the latest alternative operating systems to ensure your privacy on the go.

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Above Phone and Above Privacy Suite offer encrypted voice calls, video calls, text messaging, e-mail, video conferencing, Provides VPN and now the leading decentralized search engine.”

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