A Bit Of A Shadow Solana based NFTs

A bit of a Shadow NFT collection is ready to make its first appearance on the internet. This is a collection of 6666 Shadows that are all different, algorithmically generated, and collectible.

Cryptographic Digital Collectables also known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique Blockchain-based assets having explosive growth. An NFT provides proof of ownership of a very unique digital asset like an image, GIF, meme, or audio file. The creation of Bitcoin introduced the concept of trustless, digital scarcity. Blockchain-based proof of ownership is where NFTs find their value. These digital assets have well-defined protocols for work on their respective blockchain.

A bit of a Shadow

In such a vast world and metaverse it is really hard to pick the right one out of thousands – unless we know the fundamentals. A bit of a Shadow NFTs is one such good project that can create a buzz in the Non-Fungible Token world. This project is already at the advantage of using the support of Solana Blockchain to make it faster, cheaper, and transparent. Choosing Solana over other technologies was a breakthrough in itself as Solana can handle on-chain transactions as many as 100,000,000 per second. Solana is incredibly cheaper to perform 10 million transactions in $10.

A bit of a Shadow is a pack of 6666 unique algorithmically created avatars that ensure rarity despite their number. The avatars or shadows are different based on the following attributes:

  • Background
  • Background Effects
  • Characters
  • Outfits
  • Wrist Accessories
  • Neck Accessories
  • Hat
  • Weapon
  • Aura

The shadows are divided so to ensure the rarity is not compromised by the number of shadows produced. Just like Crypto Punks, each shadow represents his family and is rarely based on unique qualities. This collection contains shadows ranging from a flat blue background shaded by a blue flame having a red-eyed shadow white armor avatar holding a gun to a flat green SWAT shadow with a hat on head and holding a gun.

A Bit of a Shadow: Road Map

  1. The Beginning


Launch 6666 Shadows that are all different, algorithmically generated, and collectible Shadows to our community.

  1. Listing

Secondary Markets

There will be available marketplaces. Will be announced soon.

  1. Airdrop NFTs


We will start snapshot after 1 week and we will start airdrop to our holders.

  1. Floor Sweeping

Bye Paperhands

We are dedicating floor sweeping and raising the floor price.

  1. Shadow DAO

Building Shadow Club DAO

The community DAO will be used to vote on the future of the project to build value for the project and holders.

A bit of a Shadow: Final Verdict

Solana is deemed as the best Ethereum alternative and has a lot of potentials to boom however with this new venture of NFT experience. Choosing Solana was the first win of the A bit of a Shadow collection. The collection is vast, unique, and rare like CryptoPunks. The team of a bit of Shadow is planning an Airdrop soon. Follow them on their social media handle to stay up to date about the news and events.

Website: https://www.abitofashadow.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/KayqjN8Y2q

Twitter: https://twitter.com/abitofashadow

Telegram: https://t.me/bitofashadow

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