30 percent Ethereum nodes are not upgraded as the time new of upgrade remains less than 48 hours

Ethereum Network is approaching the Altair upgrade but 30 percent Ethereum nodes aren’t upgraded, according to the data provided by Nodewatch. Altair was explained earlier as an upgrade that will impact validators, not the casual coin user.

30 percent Ethereum nodes are not ready for Altair upgrade:

Big day for the Ethereum will be here in less than 48 hours as it will be upgraded with Altair. As explained earlier that this upgrade will have an impact only on the validators, not on the casual users. The facts provided by the Nodewatch are very surprising, which shows that 30 percent Ethereum nodes have not been upgraded. Some of you might be wondering what will happen to these 30 percent Ethereum nodes for not upgrading. So, let me explain it in detail.

30 percent Ethereum nodes
The percentage of Ethereum nodes ready for Altair and also number of nodes not ready
Source: Nodewatch

The new upgrade is for the validators and it impacts only the beacon chain consensus mechanism. The contracts and casual users will not see any impact from this upgrade. Like the provided data which shows that 30 percent Ethereum nodes are not upgraded, if someone decides not to upgrade their Ethereum nodes will face the consequences. Ethereum users synced with the old chain after the upgrade will not receive proper rewards and exchange functionality.

If these 30 percent Ethereum nodes holder decide not to upgrade their nodes then they will face penalties for running on the old network. When the Ethereum community has decided which changes should be made to the network, the change is written by the clients functioning on the network. New nodes with the old ruleset will not be entertained with new functionality and also will be excluded from the current network.

So, as you have read about it then if you are one of these 30 percent Ethereum nodes holder hurry to upgrade your network as time is running out. For more content please click here.

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