17 Crypto Exchanges

17 Crypto Exchanges in Russia face closure following a new decision by a regional court

17 Crypto Exchanges in Russia face closure following a recent decision by a regional court. Russia is going after the operation of illegal firms and information of these firms has been deemed illegal. The telecom watchdog of Russia can close access to the firm’s platform anytime.

17 Crypto Exchanges banned by a regional court:

The Crypto market is expanding at an alarming rate for the last two years and as result, the scams related to the market are also increasing. China has banned crypto at all levels and many other counties are trying to follow in the footsteps of China. Russia is also working for the protection of its citizens from such scams. 17 Crypto Exchanges in Russia are affected by a recent court ruling.

17 Crypto Exchanges
The register of Prohibited sites of Russian telecom watchdog

Roskomnadzor, a Russian telecom watchdog is preparing to close the 17 Crypto Exchanges in Russia, if the operators of these websites don’t delete illegal web pages.  A republic of the Russian Federation, The Kushnarenkovsky District Court in Bashkortostan, has confirmed that they are disseminating the ban under current law. In the case hearing, it was mentioned that these platforms are providing free access without any registration. Electronic print of this data can be misused to scam people.

According to Digital Rights Center, a law firm hired by the operators of six of the crypto exchanges, the owners of the websites had not been summoned by the court at all. Sarkis Darbinyan, the managing partner at the company, explained that the sites had been identified on the Bestchange.ru crypto exchange aggregator.

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