12th largest bitcoin mining firm Luxor launches ASIC trading desk

Washington-based 12th largest bitcoin mining firm Luxor launched the ASIC trading desk on January 11, 2022. Investors and miners will get easy access to the mining rigs through this trading desk, the firm explained in this announcement.

The Bitcoin mining industry is at its peak and miners are providing a lot of processing power to the flagship currency. It was the day of July 4, 2021, when the hashrate of the primary currency fell to 87 terahash per second (TH/s). Since that date, the processing power of the network has been on continuous increase to this day. The Washington-based bitcoin mining firm is going to provide mining rigs to the miners.

12th largest bitcoin mining firm Luxor launches ASIC trading:

Luxor, the 12th largest bitcoin mining firm, has launched the ASIC trading desk. The aim of this trading desk is to buy/sell bitcoin mining rigs. The firm announced this in a recent press release on their web portal. 12th largest bitcoin mining firm has explained that their new desk will purchase and sell specialized BTC mining hardware on behalf of miners and investors. Luxor is providing 801.3 petahash per second.

12th largest bitcoin mining

“After moving tens of thousands of machines and serving miners across a few continents, we established a streamlined process for procuring equipment. Our multinational team has a deep network of ASIC manufacturers, re-sellers, miners, and investors,” Lauren Lin, Luxor’s operations manager remarked during the announcement.

Luxor is not the first one to step into this industry as Foundry has already announced its mining rigs platform in the previous month. Luxor has promised that miners and investors will get access to rigs at fair market prices.

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