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Ethereum co-founder says mandatory use of Bitcoin in El Salvador violates Crypto’s ‘Ideals of Freedom’


Vitalik Buretin has questioned President Nayab Bukele’s decision to mandate the use of Bitcoin in El Salvador, saying it contradicts the ethics of cryptocurrency. Mr Buretin, commenting on a Reddit forum titled ‘’Unpopular opinion; El Salvador President Nayib Bukele should not be praised by Crypto Community” said “there is nothing …

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Etherum or Bitcoin? Which Crypto coin has a better edge?

Etherum or Bitcoin

Now many investors are asking which one to choose Etherum or Bitcoin. Investors of Bitcoin were having feelings of being left behind after the “London Hard Fork” update of the second-largest crypto coin “Etherum”. But Bitcoin has started showing its flexing muscles to the market.  The London Hard Fork of …

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