Anti-Govt protesters burn Bitcoin ATM in El Salvador

Furious demonstrators against President Nayib Bukele and his support for crypto adoption burned a bitcoin ATM in El Salvador yesterday.

The protesters flooded the streets carrying placards displaying the words “say no to dictatorship” and “we were defrauded by bitcoin.” as they expressed their anger at the government.

Bitcoin atm in el salvador

Although most of the agitators expressed their frustrations peacefully, a small section resorted to violence, setting a bitcoin ATM kiosk ablaze.

Aside from his bitcoin adoption agenda, President Nayib Bukele has been making other moves behind the scenes, including the introduction of a reformed electoral body and a controversial amendment to the constitution that extends the presidential term from five to six beginning from 2029.

In all, 216 constitutional reform proposals about the economy, human rights and politics were submitted. This is believed to have triggered the backlash Bukele’s administration is getting.

“El Salvador is in a foundational phase. We are founding a new country and with that new vision of the future we have collected this document from the people,” Vice President Felix Ulloa said in a video release.

The opposition party and a large section of the public are unhappy with President Bukele’s policies and it appears we might be seeing similar protests in the coming days.

The damaged bitcoin ATM in El Salvador was one of the 200 automated teller machines installed by the government ahead of plans to support bitcoin as legal tender.

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