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Lightning Network and Bitcoin Conference will be held on November 16

Lightning Network and Bitcoin conference will happen from November 16 to 18 in San Salvador and El Zonte. The event will be hosted by Galoy. The main aim of the event is to strengthen and cultivate Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador.

Two days ago, BTC got accepted as legal tender in El Salvador and saw a Bitcoin bloodbath. Most people in the country must be hesitant from accepting BTC as their national currency due to lack of awareness or in some cases due to insecurities. These reservations will be resolved by the crypto community through these three days Lightning Network and Bitcoin Conference.

Lightning Network and Bitcoin adoption Summit:

Galoy is going to host these three days Adopting Bitcoin—A Lightning Summit in El Salvador to provide awareness and strengthen the adoption of BTC.  The team of Gloy believes that this event will bring Bitcoin and Lightning Network together to discuss and foster the future of money.

The main agenda of this conference is stated by the Galoy team as:

This conference will include three days of renowned speakers, engaging panels, educational tracks, demos, and hands-on workshops in English and Spanish. Welcoming developers, businesses, and general enthusiasts to network and form in-person connections.

The first day of the Lightning Network summit will feature a lightning 101 workshop, an Economic track, and a Tech track for developers. 2nd day will be repeated as the first but the third day is going to offer an immersive Bitcoin cultural excursion.

Lightning Network
The list of speakers at adopting bitcoin Lightning Summit
courtesy: adoptingbitcoin.org

The conference will feature an impressive list of speakers such as The Human Rights Foundations’ Chief Strategy Officer Alex Gladstein, podcaster and incoming managing director of Swan Bitcoin International Stephan Livera, and the advisor to the President of Colombia Jehudi Castro Sierra, who has made extremely bullish comments on Bitcoin in the past.

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