Etherum or Bitcoin

Etherum or Bitcoin? Which Crypto coin has a better edge?

Now many investors are asking which one to choose Etherum or Bitcoin. Investors of Bitcoin were having feelings of being left behind after the “London Hard Fork” update of the second-largest crypto coin “Etherum”. But Bitcoin has started showing its flexing muscles to the market. 

The London Hard Fork of Etherum has made it Scarce and provided a boom to the price. The price of Etherum gained 80% and went to $3,300 from $1,850. Bitcoin supporters were feeling left behind in this race, but the recent $50k mark has shown to the market who has the upper hand. The tussle between these two crypto giants has started a debate among investors, which one is better to invest in, Etherum or Bitcoin.

Supporters of Etherum and Bitcoin argue for the supremacy of one to another. But these discussions never lead to conclusions and mostly end with confusion about which one to invest in, Etherum or Bitcoin. Let’s take a look at experts’ opinions about these and find out which one is the best to invest in.

Experts view on “Etherum or Bitcoin”

Chief Business officer of COinSwtich Kuber, Sharan Nair, said the Price boom in Etherum is because it has money DeFi projects going on around it. COO of WazirX, Sidharth Menon, told that Etherum can outperform BTC in returns but not in the market cap and BTC will hold the largest share.

Etherum or Bitcoin
source: Moneyweb

Many analysts said that the recent update has limited the supply of Etherum which led to sharp movement in the token. But it can’t dethrone the King. This debate of “Etherum or Bitcoin” will continue because one will have the upper hand over the other always.

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