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BTC over Gold has saved multi-billion dollars, says CEO of Microstrategy

Microstrategy, the Nasdaq-listed company, has saved Multi-billion dollars by choosing BTC over Gold, says the CEO of the company. The company holds 108,992 bitcoins according to data. CEO also posted returns of both which shows Gold lagging behind BTC by a lot of difference.

Bitcoin vs Gold is always a hot topic of discussion since the emergence of the first coin of crypto in 2009. Today’s investor prefers BTC over Gold according to a survey done by UBS, The largest bank of Switzerland. This survey shows that 11% of participants consider it as an alternative to gold and 28% see these two unrelated. Central bank investors also prefer crypto assets.

BTC over Gold:

Microstrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor has always been a fan of digital assets, especially of BTC. He shared a tweet from his Twitter handle saying that his company has avoided a multi-billion dollars mistake by choosing BTC over Gold.  He tweeted:

If I had chosen gold instead of bitcoin last year, it would have been a multi-billion dollar mistake. It doesn’t help to diagnose the problem if you don’t choose the right solution.

Saylor has also shared the return of BTC vs Gold of 12 months. BTC returned were 376.34% and -5.88% of Gold in the last 12 months. Microstrategy has made its primary goal to acquire BTC.

BTC over Gold
Source: Twitter

Saylor and Frank Giustra has debated BTC over Goldin April. The CEO explained how choosing wrong thing can have dire consequence.  Now he has openly admitted how his company has benefitted from the choosing BTC over Gold.

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