Bitcoin Short Term Analysis: Bullish Triangle can Break Above Resistance

Bitcoin short term analysis shows a Bullish indication in short term, time frame of 15 Minutes. This is likely to break out above the psychological resistance.

Bitcoin price today is $39,759.27 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $26,752,897,314 USD. Bitcoin is down 0.66% in the last 24 hours, with a live market cap of $746,301,655,021. Over the last few days, we’ve seen some incredible price movement from Bitcoin. During this move, a clear short-term bullish triangle can be seen on the chart. Expect some nice price action in the next 24 hours. 

Bitcoin Short Term Analysis
Source: Tradingview

As it stands now, BTC is about to break out of the pattern, either bullish or bearish. In case the pattern will hold, we can expect a bullish break out any time now. The main resistance area of this break-out is $42,000, the January top. In case we manage to break through that, I can see a 50k Bitcoin within two weeks.

On the other hand, BTC might also bounce off the $42,000 resistance. It’s a strong resistance that has only been targeted once now, so at the very least I’m expecting a minor pull-back. A reversal is expected to happen around the green areas of support. As it stands now, things are looking very decent in the mid-term for Bitcoin.

The above is a personal market judgment based on published information and historical chart data on Tradingview, all analysis is only subjective. DYOR!

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