Officer PoliceDOGE: Hyper Deflationary Buyback Token Provides Staunch User Security with 1st ever, CallPolice Function

 PoliceDoge a complete pack of solutions to all your crypto concerns. Cryptocurrency is a trillion dollars universe of exponential gains and involves the same potency of risks; that is why it always required  a ‘Watch Doge’ and it got  ‘Officer POLICEDOGE’.

Officer PoliceDOGE: Introduction

‘Pump and Dump’ is the phrase that scares most cryptocurrency enthusiastic people and recently we have seen many projects offering solutions to price stabilization and avoiding the price dump by the Big Damn Whales. We have recently posted about many projects each with a different set of solutions, interestingly, this one is my ‘Doge Favorite’.

PoliceDOGE intro

PoliceDOGE is a hyper-deflationary buyback token forked from RISE with improved functions to make it more secure and sudden price drops, major dumps, and Whales.  These are indistinct terms and need an explanation for general people to understand, so I’ll explain these first before going to other exciting features.

A token is a project which does not have its own blockchain, like PoliceDOGE, it will support Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) to perform all the transaction. Binance Smart Chain transactions are simple, secure, and safe, and with relatively lower fees. Being on BSC empowers PoliceDOGE to have 50 times fewer fees and more than 50 times faster than Ethereum. PoliceDOGE is a hyper-deflationary token which means that the supply of the token will decrease with each transaction to strengthen its price.

PoliceDOGE represents law enforcement and ensures users’ safety with the callPolice function in the smart contract. Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. They typically are used to automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without an intermediary’s involvement or time loss.


  1. Static Rewards

2% of each transaction is redistributed to every token holder. That means you can earn more PoliceDOGE tokens by just holding them in your wallet.

  1. Marketing

3% of each transaction is sent to Marketing Wallet, it will be used for creating the marketing campaign, rewards for influencers, and listing CEX fees.

  1. Auto Buyback

Especially for selling transactions, an extra 6% of the transaction value will be utilized to buy back the PoliceDOGE and burn to reduce the circulating supply.

  1. Call Police

Call Police is a unique function that has been integrated into the smart contract. It works just like regular buybacks – the price pumps and all bought tokens are burned.

PoliceDoge Apps

PoliceDOGE Products

PoliceDOGE introduces a rich ecosystem of Apps and Products to serve the community.

  1. Swap

PoliceDOGE Swap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap among BEP-20 tokens (the latest token standard from Binance Smart Chain) based on the AMM automated market creation protocol. PoliceDOGE Swap uses PancakeSwap’s router.

Launch Swap


An NFT Shop with exclusive items from PoliceDOGE. These items may be exchanged, given as presents, or used to reward users who have made significant contributions to the PoliceDOGE community.

Launch NFT Shop

  1. NFT Game

Aggregate NFT-integrated game applications. Players can play to level up and earn items to redeem for rewards

Launch NFT Game

apps PoliceDoge


→ Presale: 47%

→ Provide Liquidity: 47% — Locked for 6 months

→ Dev: 5% — Locked for 6 months

→ Airdrop+Fee: 1% (Pay for presale platform and token lock)

1 Token Name PoliceDOGE
2 Token Symbol PoliceDOGE
3 Decimals 9
4 Network Binance Smart Chain
5 Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000
6 Contract Address 0x4186829914d1b7b130b5153f4aabd21142e8e658

Call Police

CallPolice will be activated at holder milestones during PoliceDOGE’s launch phase but eventually will be controlled through a community-consensus-based dApp.

  • 1st Time: Total buyback & burned: 12,959B PoliceDOGE, 2993/1000 HODLERS
  • 2nd Time: Total buyback & burned: 10,314B PoliceDOGE, 2993/2000 HODLERS
  • 3rd Time: Total buyback & burned: 10,314B PoliceDOGE, 2993/3000 HODLERS
  • 4th Time: Total buyback & burned: PoliceDOGE, 2993/4000 HODLERS
  • 5th Time: Total buyback & burned: PoliceDOGE, 2993/5000 HODLERS

PoliceDOGE: BEP20 Audit

DESSERT FINANCE performed an Audit on BEP20 Project and contract on the block no. 9111309 and contract address 0 x 4 1 8 6 8 2 9 9 1 4 D 1 B 7 B 1 3 0 b 5 1 5 3 F 4 A a B d 2 1 1 4 2 E 8 E 6 5 8. Dessert Finance does the legwork and provides public information about the project in an easy-to-understand format for the common person. Here is what they concluded about the project.

  1. The website contained no JavaScript errors. No typos, or grammatical errors were present, and we found a valid SSL certificate allowing for access via https. No additional issues were found on the website.
  2. No severe JavaScript errors were found. No issues with loading elements, code, or stylesheets.
  3. A valid SSL certificate was found.
  4. A valid contact email was found on the official website.
  5. No malware found
  6. No injected spam found
  7. No internal server errors
  8. No popups found
  9. BEP-20 Contract Audit – Common Vulnerabilities:
    1. Integer Underflow
    2. Integer Overflow
    3. Correct Token Standards Implementation
    4. Timestamp Dependency for Randomness
    5. Unexposed Private Transfer Function
    6. Transaction-Ordering Dependency
  10. The contract code is verified on BSCScan.
  11. Social Media:
    1. We were able to locate a variety of Social Media networks for the project including Twitter, Telegram, Telegram Channel, Medium, and Instagram.
    2. At least 3 social media networks were found.
  12. Location Audit: We were unable to identify a primary location for the project at this time or a location has not been declared.
  13. Team Overview: We are unable to find any information about the team on the website at this time. Projects may choose to stay anonymous for a myriad of reasons.

The Audit concludes with the following Potential Signs of confidence and risks:

Potential Signs of Confidence Potential Signs of Risk











Join the PoliceDOGE Community:

Join the PoliceDOGE community via the links below:

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