Introducing $EKTA: A Cryptographic bridge between Blockchain and Physical Assets launching on August 20

Ekta offers a whole pack of an ecosystem with an incredible idea to connect the virtual world of mainstream blockchain to physical, real-world assets and beyond. Ekta is launching with all its phenomenal features on August 20, 2021, through IDO.


Ekta comes from Sanskrit, meaning unity, identity, and integrity which symbolizes the dream to unite communities, systems, and values through celestial resolve. Ekta aims at empowering the Blockchain world by connecting it to physical socio-economic systems by eradicating the centralized governing bodies’ inefficiencies with a multifaceted Ecosystem of Ekta. Ekta tokenizes the real-world assets to virtual analogies through Ekta Chain and Ekta’s non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace – taking decentralized finance (DeFi) to another level.

Ekta –  The Ultimate Solution:

The prime focus of the previous cryptocurrency projects was to secure the blockchain and make it faster and cheaper. Not everyone understands cryptocurrency so the common folks having potential physical assets were left prone to the traditional slow centralized systems.

The solution presented is in the divine vision of Ekta which not only focuses on socio-economic and environmental problems but also dares to provide concrete solutions with exponential potential gains.

  • With Initial DEX Offering (IDO), starting, August 20, 2021, Ekta bids an equal opportunity to everyone to present their physical assets to on-chain tokenization.
  • Ekta mainly focuses on the financially devastated strata of society and challenges them to think innovatively. However, it also encourages entrepreneurs to flourish by streamlining their access to capital through DeFi and NFTs.
  • Ekta Ecosystem, equipped with all-new features, aims to provide the HODLERS the perks of Staking, Saving, Lending, and Borrowing. Staking promises a 431% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) minimum.
  • Ekta will strengthen the blend of on-chain blockchain and the physical world by eliminating decentralization and growing the digital infrastructure on the blockchain.
  • The physical locations of Ekta are located near the island of Bali where they are going to tokenize real estate including residential villas, an incubator for startups and entrepreneurs, and 285 berths on a Marina (1 of 10 given in Indonesia).

Salient Features:

1.      IDO and Staking Reward:

With initial DEX Offering on August 20, 2021, Ekta will release only 15% of the total supply and the rest 85% will be awarded in the next four years through the staking reward System.

Allocation Type Token Amount
Team and Advisor 4,200,000 (2.00%)
Reserve 3,150,000 (1.50%)
Foundation 3,150,000 (1.50%)
Token Sale 21,000,000 (10.00%)

Ekta Blockchain

The slow release of the token will not only help the price stabilize but also gain liquidity due to its percentage staking reward. Minimum APY 431% staking reward will attract more and more HODLERS and encourage them to hold it longer. The tokenization of digital assets and NFT have a prominent role here to further encourage the Ekta Hodlers by providing them a 1:1 numerical ratio property-based F-NFT airdrop. As more tokens release and become a part of the existing circulating supply, the staking reward decreases gradually, so get in as early as IDO.EKta

1.      Ekta Chain:

Ekta Chain, having smart contract compatibility, is the core product of ecosystems that provides efficient energy-saving public chain to empower safer, faster, and cheaper transactions, with its proof of stake (EPoS) mechanism. Ekta Chain works on a Consensus mechanism where validators are voted after submitting a proposal. Ekta chain has a high performance of 500+ TPS and 3s average block intervals. Ekta chain is Ethereum Standard Compatible Contract and uses the same number name as ERC.

  • $Ekta is a native token of the Ekta ecosystem and Gas Fees on the blockchain are paid using this token.
  • Ekta works on proof of stake so there are no carbon emissions or energy consumptions of any kind.
  • $Ekta token is used on the blockchain to serve the purpose of purchases, governance, and retail.

2.      Ekta Decentralized (DeFi) Platform:

DEX is a digital infrastructure that helps users buy and sell through peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions directly between the participants. DEX is entirely decentralized so it doesn’t store the personal information of the parties involved. Centralized trading and business have long methods and rules to perform even the simplest transactions, while the Ekta on-chain idea makes it all easier through tokenization and providing decentralized transactions. $Ekta tokens will be used on the DEX which is another use case scenario for $Ekta to strengthen the price and improve liquidity.

  • Staking and mining: DEX Token holders can obtain unique NFTs in the Ekta NFT Marketplace.
  • Access right: DEX Token holders can unlock access to activities and advanced content, such as competitions, tasks, and exclusive NFT deliveries.
  • DAO and Governance: DEX Token holders can vote on platform parameters, including partial interest of NFTs acquired, as well as participate in the decision-making of the community.
  • NFT creation: NFT creators enter the market and promote their 3D collections through the Ekta NFT Marketplace.

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