Terra’s Plan Will Reduce Allocation For Post-Attack UST Holders

Terra has released three new revisions.

After a tough two weeks for the Terra community, Terra and TerraUSD have announced revisions to their proposed revival plans.

Terra shared three major revisions to the revitalization and redistribution plan. These include: Increasing initial liquidity, introducing a new liquidity profile for pre-attack LUNA holders, and reducing distribution to UST holders post-attack.

He noted that the initial liquidity parameters of Anchor UST holders before the attack, LUNA holders after the attack and UST holders after the attack were changed. noted that the initial liquidity parameters of pre-attack Anchor UST (aUST) holders, post-attack LUNA holders, and post-attack UST holders were changed.

The change will be from 15% to 30%, and according to Terra, this could “reduce future inflationary pressures” and increase the token supply at launch.

Wallets holding less than 10,000 LUNA will have the same liquidity as the groups mentioned above. 70% of their LUNA will be earned in two years with a six-month gap. Terra stated that this new liquidity profile will enable small token holders to have similar initial liquidity.

Reduced allocation for post-attack UST holders from 20% to 15%. According to Terra, this dpeg-related allocation is on par with the original stakeholder allocation. 5% will be moved to the community pool.

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