Talkaboat: First Cryptographic Entertainment Ecosystem

Talkaboat is the first community-driven crypto-based entertainment ecosystem where fans and creators can share the same dream and earn for listening or sharing.



The technological revolution is inevitable and this tsunami has sunk many conventional thoughts and stereotypical notions in its very first wave. Who would have thought that a computer-based digital currency will worth $64,000 in just a decade? Those who believed in the potential of it and stood against all the discouraging rumors are now crypto millionaires. Reading such stories on the internet leaves one with a feeling of hard-hitting FOMO takes over, as the train has already left the station. Had I invested $100 five years ago… well the intriguing calculations!


Cryptocurrency profits are amazing and the growth is exponential but what if you’re not a trading guy? Playing games is fun and it has as much potential as any good cryptocurrency project, maybe more. With the combination of NFTs, their value and growth both double. Bitcoin and alts have paved their way to institutional adoptions and are fully ‘grown’ now. The play 2 earn games are relatively are infant and not well-reputed however their growth as foreseen is promised.

Cryptocurrency has conquered every inch arena except for this entertainment part where Talkabaot is going to launch its whole pack of the ecosystem. The team of four incredible developers of Talkaboat is working on a greater vision to give entertainment a new meaning. Their vision is to build a complete entertainment ecosystem. Which should include the topics of podcast, gaming, music & video streaming. They aim to revolutionize the entertainment industry and connect it to the wonderful world of cryptocurrency, and thus offer everyone, regardless of their origin, access to all entertainment media. To transform the farfetched dream into reality, they are seeking some partnerships with the most diverse people and companies in the world.

Being a listener or a viewer, you might be a fan of podcasts but those expensive subscriptions always bother you. Well, Talkaboat is here to assist you with that. Not only this, you can support your favorite artist even if you don’t have the money to do so.

The more exciting, if you’re the content creator. Content creators never enjoy the actual freedom as they fear losing monetization, subscription, or even the account. They are tired to pay for hosting content as they make it for passion and not for money. With this new era of the podcast, you can enjoy for free:

  • Easy Menu, to access everything fast and smooth
  • Cryptocurrency to boost your experience to the next level
  • Socializing in every aspect: We even donate and you can decide who will receive the donation

You can earn simply by listening to your favorite podcasts from both the Talkaboat browser and app experience.

The prime focus of the team currently is the Talkaboat Podcast Platform to offer podcasters free hosting, more visibility, stronger community integration, and many other services. The podcasters and the listeners are rewarded with our Aboat token by providing or listening to podcasts. The aim is to develop a simpler platform for every podcaster to operate podcasts and to stay in an optimal exchange with his followers. In addition to the web platform, the team is developing their Talkaboat app (which will enter the beta phase at the beginning of 2022) and smart device integration, so that on the go or via smart devices such as. B. Alexa, further Aboat tokens can be earned for listening.

In addition to the pure rewards, they develop various community events such as B. Community battles. Two podcaster communities can run a small and friendly competition to earn aboat tokens.

Aboat Token:

$Aboat is the native token of Talkaboat ecosystem where you get rewarded in $Aboat token for listening and Yield Farming. At the start there will be 3 ways to get new Aboat Tokens:

  • Buying
  • Listening
  • Yield Farming

Talkaboat has is a farfetched planned ecosystem and they plan to add many features and services shortly. You would be able to earn $Aboat Token in many ways like doing tasks, playing games, write comments, rate content creators and of course, if someone watches/listens/rates/comments your content. These are just some future ways to earn the Aboat token.

There is a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 Aboat Tokens which will be distributed as below:


ICO/IDO is separated in three sales.

  • Private Sale: 15 %
  • ICO/IDO: 40 %
  • Public Sale: 45 %

All the unsold tokens will be burned.

Talkaboat: RoadMap:

The developers are working day and night to get their hands to podcast of Talkaboat platform. The team has following road map to follow.

Q3 2021

  •  Launch Website
  •  Release Documentation/Whitepaper
  •  Release Contracts (Testnet)
  •  Preview Podcast-Player
  •  Create Social Media Accounts

Q4 2021

  •  Create Database
  •  Release Contract (Mainnet)
  • Incorporation
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Conclude Pre-Sale
  • Profile creation
  • Claim for podcasters
  • Partnerships
  • Improve Podcast-Search
  • Lottery Release

Q1 2022

  • Introduce podcaster-services (hosting)
  • App Preview
  • List on CEX
  • Introduce Development Governance
  • Add more features to Podcast-Player

Q2 2022

  • Release Talkaboat-App
  • Add Community-Groups to Podcast
  • Introduce Community-Battles

Q3 2022

  • Integrate own Wallet to app

Q4 2022

  • Preview of Singaboat


  • Gaming Network
  • Game Streaming

Talkaboat: Vision

Their team of incredible developers is working hard to revolutionize all other areas of entertainment and bring them to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Not only you will enjoy your favorite media but also earn the tokens. They are founding a real company that is registered in the German commercial register and is traceable and secure for everyone. They are subject to German law, which means absolute security and guarantee for each and every investor.

Their idea is unique and has as much potential as NFTs, maybe more. The arena is still unexplored and it is sure to unveil the new Universe of entertainment and earning, we call it Talkaboat.

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