Localcryptos has added Bitcoin Cash to its platform for P2P transactions

In the noncustodial P2P crypto market, Localcryptos has added Bitcoin Cash to its platform for P2P transactions. This is 5th crypto coin that has been taken by the platform for P2P transactions. The platform is also allowing the users of to migrate their reputation and assets to it.

The leading non-custodial crypto P2P market, Localcryptos has announced to list Bitcoin cash on its platform. Users will be able to make P2P transactions from this platform of Bitcoin cash. After the rebranding from Localethereum to Localcryptos, Bitcoin cash is the fifth currency to be listed on the platform.

Price chart of Bitcoin Cash

Localcryptos announcement:

Previously listed crypto assets include Bitcoin, Etherum, litecoin, and dash. OP_CHECKDATASIG opcode is used to provide the noncustodial experience for Bitcoin cash.  The platform assured that the end-user will see no change. The firm further said:

From a programmer’s perspective, the non-custodial Bitcoin Cash P2SH script is more simplistic and intuitive, and it comes with some advantages.

The low fees which hardly cross 1 cent barrier for P2P transactions make it a better choice. The users of, a Bitcoin Cash P2P market, can now migrate to Localcryptos. is closing its operations so it has decided to allow its user to transfer their trading history and assets to Localcryptos.

On Localcryptos, you’ll have 40+ ways to pay, all messages are end-to-end encrypted, and trades are facilitated by the same blockchain-powered escrow service. thinks that the new platform offers more diverse and better services to its users. By transferring trading history traders will not start from scratch and continue their adventure with Bitcoin cash.

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