Dogecoin, Solana, Cordano: Price Analysis for this weekend

The market is more volatile than it’s ever been, as loads of FUDs are trying to shake off the HODLERs to give the bears the control however Bitcoin has managed to survive it so far. With so much going on fundamentally it’s pretty hard to guess the price movement as any FUD can terminate the whole calculation of your chart indicators. If that doesn’t happen this weekend, see the price movement of Dogecoin, Solana, and Cordano as following:

Dogecoin Price Analysis:

We are proud to say that the price movement of dogecoin moved as we predicted last week and hit the target. The price bounced back from lower support of $0.16 to $0.288. The weekend is here so a new trend is expected so let’s check the chart. dogecoinThere will be high selling pressure on Bitcoin so the alts will tend to lose their value and doge will retest the down support around 0.21. Now the price has broken this level and made a false breakout, if the price can test the sell zone, it may be a good point to enter, and its target may be in the area marked below. Take care of your money, set stop losses!

Solana Price Analysis:

Sold is dropping as it’s already weekend however it might retest the upper resistance where we should enter the trade and exit at lower support. After a big drop of 40%, Solana is trying to return to the value area noted above. So far it did not manage to test this area, but if it makes higher highs, tests the sell zone and the volume rises, it could be a good point to open a short position with the target indicated below.

solana price analysis

ADA Cardano Price Analysis:

We last predicted ADA Cardano price on May 10 and it pretty much hit the target. Unfortunately, Bitcoin took the nosedive and all the alts started to bleed right away. After a recent drop of more than 30%, Ada formed a wedge pattern. On the chart we can see that every local high was with decreasing volume, now we have broken through the wedge pattern and can come to the zone marked on the chart below.

ADA Cardano Price Analysis

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency is prone to high risk. This is not financial advice.

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