Dogecoin Is Significantly Better Than Bitcoin

Roger Ver believes Dogecoin is “cheaper and more reliable” than Bitcoin.

Roger Ver, one of the first investors of Bitcoin, stated that Doge-Coin is more advantageous than Bitcoin. He also supports Elon Musk’s decision to buy Twitter and believes it will end censorship.


Dogecoin Emerges as Bitcoin’s Contender

He is referred to as “Bitcoin Jesus” for being one of the first digital asset investors. However, lately it does not support Bitcoin and instead focuses on DogeCoin.

“Dogecoin is significantly better. It’s cheaper and more reliable.”

He said that he did not defend BTC, stating that BTC has deviated from its main purpose. He also mentioned Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, which are 2 coins that can rival Bitcoin.

He stated that with Elon’s acquisition of Twitter, freedom of expression on the platform will reach the highest level.

“It will definitely make Twitter more compelling. I’m really grateful for Musk’s call for censorship.”

He started investing in 2011 when BTC was $1. It has allocated millions of dollars to new digital asset protocols like Ripple and BlockchainCom. He also admitted that he is still a “cryptocurrency whale” as he owns XRP, ETH, and XMR:

“I have always had a very diverse basket in cryptocurrency. I have never been a Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash maximalist.”

Elon Musk Thinks DOGE is Better, too

Elon Musk is the most popular supporter of Doge-Coin. He also said that it is more advantageous than BTC in payments.

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According to him, the leading cryptocurrency has low trading volume and is “not a good alternative to transactional currency”. On the other hand, he said, “The total flow of transactions you can do with Dogecoin is much higher than with bitcoin.”

Tesla’s acceptance of the token as a payment method for some of its goods is another example of Musk’s support of DOGE.

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