Hoskinson says Africa is “where the ball is going be” in strong defense of Cardano’s dealings on the continent

Cardano (ADA) founder, Charles Hoskinson has hit back at critics of Cardano’s involvement in Africa – particularly its dealings with the Ethopian government. Hoskinson and his IOHK team are on a pan-African tour to meet with politicians and influential entrepreneurs on the continent to discuss more partnerships.

IOHK is one of the world’s top-rated blockchain infrastructure research and engineering companies co-founded by Charles Hoskinson. This technology entrepreneur and mathematician “dropped by” the Ethiopian Ministry of Education (MOE) to continue negotiations on the student credential system that was first discussed in August.

“Dropped by the MOE today to discuss the digital transformation of Ethiopia’s educational credentials. Five million students on schedule.” Hoskinson said.

The partnership between Cardano (ADA) and the Ethiopian government aims to restructure the way students’ data is stored, by recording information such as attendance and grades on Cardano’s blockchain in a bid to offer a digital identity system. However, Charles Hoskinson and his IOHK team want more projects in Ethiopia to be built on the Cardano blockchain.

“It’s our intention to compete amongst others for the whole national ID system, which is about 110 million people.”

Cardano’s blockchain will benefit from increased Crypto Adoption in Africa

Physical Cardano cryptocurrency coin close-up, in front of a price chart

Charles Hoskinson seems to believe wholeheartedly in Africa’s crypto potential – so much that he is positioning Cardano (ADA) to reap from it.

“You don’t go where the ball is right now. You go to where the ball is going to be.” Hoskinson said, insinuating that Africa could be a huge player in the crypto space in the coming years.

Hoskinson recently announced a memourandum of understanding between Cardano and the government of Burundi.

Crypto adoption in Africa is currently on the rise. As reported by Newsbsc, Nigeria, a West African country, is the highest crypto ownership in the world.

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